I am salman salek,taar and Setaar Composer and Instrumentalist. since 2000. I created an iranian band called “mehrabani” please guide me how to participate in your next year festival.

In the links below i attached some example of band’s activity and my biography

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salman salek biography

born in 1359 in gorgan, taar and Setaar teacher and instrumentalist, researcher In the field of history and  Theoretical basis of iranian music.

Educational Background

  1. Bachelor of of Music From Faculty of fine art at tehran university 1998_2002.

۲.Postgraduate in tar instramentalist  fram art university 2010_2012.

۳.Orientation session with Recognition of ethnic music in 2008_2009 at france yniversity paris 8 under ms. sanderin lonk.


۱.Adjustment music   in Album”shakhe peste” (kermans local music) by singing hamid zeyd abadi,avaye mehrabani Publications 1999.

۲.album “khorushan” taar Soloists with methods of deravishes,avaye barbod publications 2007.

۳.”shoor” taar soloists, avaye mehrabani publications 2010.

۴.album “sarmast” by singing master mozaffar shafi’i,salman salek Composing and

Supervision,avaye mehrabani Publications 2011.

۵.album”Yalda Night prison(zendane shabe yalda)”by singing vahid taj and insteramenting master ardeshir kamkar and salman salek composing,avaye mehrabani Publications 2014.

۶.album “Rahro” , solo and improvise by Taar, avaye mehrabani Publications 2016

۷.album “gohar-e jaan”, by singing vahid taj and salman salek composing,avaye mehrabani Publications 2019

۸.Adjustment music in album “az diar aftab”, Adjustment music  Salman salek and by singing hamid zeyd abadi,avaye mehrabani Publications 2001.


Membership in musical groups

۱.since 1998 until 2000 membership in iranian musical band by Supervising pejman taheri.

۲.Supervising mehrabani musical band since 2002 until now.

۳.Supervising hamnavazane sayeh musical band in 2012.


۱.concert in vahdat hall,fajr festival,irani band 2000.

۲.concert in sirjans helal ahmar hall,mehrabani band, Composer Salman Salek.2002_2003.

۳.concert in semnan’s aftab hall,mehrabani band 2004.

۴.concert in niavaran’s Cultural center,mehrabani band 2004.

۵.concert in roudaki hall,Research meetings of avaye mehrabani Institution 2003_2010.

۶.concert in czech,islamik Communications Organization iranian cultural week in prag 2007.

۷.concert arasbaran cultural center, Composer Salman Salek mehrabanigroup,by singing mozaffar shafi’i 2008.

۸.concert solo in iranian embassy in france 2008_2009.

۹.concert in vahdat hall,mehrabani band, Composer Salman Salek by singing hosein alishapour 2010.

۱۰.concert in andishe hall,mehrabani band ,by singing hosein alishapour 2011.

۱۱.concert in vahdat hall,mehrabani band,by singing hosein alishapour 2012.

۱۲.concert in andelos festival in algeria,mehrabani group by singing vahid taj 2012.

۱۳.concert in vahdat hall,mehrabani band,by singing vahid taj 2013.

۱۴.Concert improvisation in memory of Master Mohammadreza Lotfi in roudaki hall, 2014

۱۵.concert solo by taar , in Fahangestan-e Honar hall 2015

۱۶.Ferdowsi Celebration Concert in vahdat hall,mehrabani group, Composer Salman Salek by singing vahid taj 2015

۱۷.concert “Raqs-e vakhanha” composer salman salek in Roudaki hall,mehrabani band, 2017

۱۸.concert “Old popular music in Iran” composer salman salek in Roudaki hall,mehrabani band, 2018

Research and Compilation:

۱.book of “music Cognition(shenakht musighi)” (Summarization And rewrite Great Music Farabi, ahle ghalam publications 2001)

۲.”Songs and Instruments(avazha va dastgaha)” two volume, avaye mehrabani publication,2009,2010.

۳.”Molana describes the Mobarkshah eras (sharhe molana mobarakshah bar advar)”Proofing and Translation,avaye mehrabani publication,2011.

۴.researching avtivity including holding Specialized meetings monthly and producing research albums of avaye mehrabani Institution since 2003 until now.

Teaching Experience

۱.teaching in avaye mehrabani academy since 2001 until now.

۲.teaching in bahar music academy 2007_2008.

۳.teaching in zarvan music academy since 2011 until now.

۴.teaching in mahriz and iran academis in shiraz city 2010_2016.

۵.professor of azad university of shiraz in Theoretical basis and music history and taar and setaar branches 2009 until now.

Management Experience

۱.Chairman of the Board of avaye mehrabani institution since 2001.

۲.Director in charge ofzarvan musical academy since 2011.

Historyog learninig music

۱.learning tombak from master gholamreza mashayekhi 1991_1992.

۲.learning taar Respectively from master keyvan saket,arshad tahmasbi,daryoosh talayi,mohamad reza lotfi,1993_2010.

۳.Graduate Courses of Rows of iranian Music with  master majid kiyani 1998_2005.

۴.his university Professors were Alireza Mashayekhi, Shahin Farhat, Khosro molana, Sasan Fatemi, Ali Bayani, Nasrollah Nasehpour, Sharif Lotfi, Masoud Shoari and Ms. Azin Movahed.